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Predicate Object Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, 1995x2.71, 2004-06-17T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T03:44:08.158Z 50 fundraising/wars printed paper fundraising tokens, WW1 (x3) .1: "HELP RUSSIA / RED CROSS" .2: "THUMBS UP" soldier and sailor with arms in slings .3: YMCA HUT DAY WW1 fundraising tokens printed on card or paper (x6) cardboard token .1: WW1 fundraising token: Help Russia Red Cross rectangular card printed on both sides; circle with text around inside edge: HELP RUSSIA / RED CROSS; a red cross symbol below and in centre a bear .2 WW1 fundraising token: Thumbs Up printed in colour on rectangular card obverse: on a red cross the images of a soldier and a sailor with his arm in a sling; the soldieris indicating 'thumbs up'; text at top: "THUMBS UP" reverse: WOUNDED / SOLDIERS & SAILORS / FA... DAY .. ND / 4, BUCKINGHAM GATE, LONDON .3: WW1 fundraising token: YMCA Hut Day printed in colour on flag-shaped card printed on both sides: illustration of soldier in khaki uniform standing outside a hut; in top right hand corner, YMCA symbol of red triangle and initials Y.M.C.A.; text below: HUT / DAY .4: WW1 fundraising token: [St Johns Red Cross] printed in colour on flag-shaped card printed on both sides: red Maltese Cross on white background .5: WW1 fundraising token: Harp of Erin printed in colour on flag-shaped card printed on both sides: white Harp of Erin on green background .6: WW1 fundraising token: Crutch Day printed on rectangular card obverse: two men carrying a thurd who has lost one leg, against background of crossed crutches reverse: text printed in five lines: FUND FOR OUTINGS FOR / WOUNDED SOLDIERS / THANK YOU / Secretary / Pastor John Stanley / 71 St. George's WESTMINSTER. token, fundraising (x6)
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