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Predicate Object 15 Aug 2001 2001-08-15T00:00:00.000Z 2001-08-15T00:00:00.000Z 2001.25.140.7 Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, 2001.25.140.7 Brent Mackrell Collection 2006-07-06T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T08:33:39.045Z 6B 75 60 naval warfare/wars War Medal 1939-45 Medal issued to Lieut. Donald Cameron, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNZNVR), WW2 Lieutenant (A) D. Cameron, RNZNVR, m.i.d.; born Christchurch, 23 Jul 1922; salesman. Served: WW2: Fleet Air Arm UK, Middle East, Pacific. Only NZer to be a POW to Japan & Germany. Son-in-law of Leonard Young MM who served at Mons during WW1 "Late that night press correspondents returned from a visit to the Yokohama area with two prisoners of war released from a camp at Ofuna, about eight miles from Yokosuka. They were Lieutenant (A) Donald Cameron, RNZNVR,1 of 1834 Squadron, HMS Victorious, whose aircraft had been shot down over the Sakishima Gunto on 9 May 1945, and Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist H. E. G. Newman of HMS Exeter, which was sunk in the Battle of the Java Sea on 1 March 1942. They were suffering from the effects of ill-treatment and malnutrition, and from their statements it was apparent that Ofuna, which was not registered as a prisoner-of-war camp, was a ‘nasty little hell-hole’. There remained in the camp three other ratings from British ships sunk in the Java Sea and ninety-nine American airmen. The ratings were brought in next day, arrangements being made for a recovery team to look after the Americans. Incidentally, that was Lieutenant Cameron's second experience of a prisoner-of-war camp. As a Seafire pilot of 880 Squadron, HMS Stalker, he was flying over Salerno, Italy, during the landing operations there in September 1943 when his engine failed and he made a forced landing on a beach. He was taken prisoner by the Germans, but escaped five days later when he was being transferred from one camp to another. After an arduous and perilous tramp of more than two weeks, including a crossing of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, he remained in hiding with Italians for some time. He was found by a Royal Marines commando when Naples was captured. For his ‘enterprise and devotion to duty’ he was awarded a mention in despatches." From: SD Waters, The Royal New Zealand Navy, 1956, Historical Publications Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, p 401 War Medal 1939-45, WW2 Part of medal set of Lieutenant Donald Cameron, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNZNVR) cupronickel disk, 36 mm diameter, ring suspension, with ribbon obverse: King George IV's effigy with words encircling it GEOGIVS VI D:G:BR. OMN:REX F:D:IND:IMP. reverse: The reverse shows a lion standing wanton on the body of a double-headed dragon. At the top, just to the right of centre are the years "1939" and "1945" in two lines. ribbon: grosgrain, 32mm wide, colours - bed band, blue band and white band, repeated in reverse order and separated by a thin red band markings obverse: HP markings reverse: E.C.R.P. (Edward Carter Preston) medal, campaign
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