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Predicate Object Unknown 2007-01-26T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T10:59:37.070Z battle of passchendaele 70 crafts/wars casualties/wars letters home/wars embroidered postcard associated with 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker, NZ Rifle Brigade, kia, Passchendaele 12.10.1917 “Somewhere in France 27/6/17 My dear son, Well old man I wonder how you are getting on for I got very few letters from you. Now I think you must have forgotten your old mate. Dear son your old dad had a hard time the other night I was four hours in gas & I did not feel too good the next day, I wont tell you what I felt later, it was no good old man & a big shell burst right in front of us but it did not hurt anyone but it was one of those jack johnsons you know we used to talk about them when I was home. That seems a long time ago. Now old man I will say good bye God bless you & Mum & Baby look after them Sonie. I remain your loving Father F.S.W.” embroidered postcard, 'To My Boy', sent by 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker to his son during WW1, dated: 27.6.1917" embossed card surround; printed verso as postcard, 'CARTE POSTALE / POST CARD * POSTKAART; embroidered silk pocket insert with message 'To my Boy' and illustration of artillery piece, flowers and pattern incorporating colours of Belgian flag, Union Jack and French flag; illustrated printed message card in pocket, French tricoleur flag, illustration of woman and message 'My heart's greeting'. makers details printed verso: "VISE, Paris et Exportation. J.S. Paris - Depose" message handwritten in pencil to "My dear Son" from FS Whitaker, dated 27/6/17 postcard, silk
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