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Predicate Object Unknown 2007-01-26T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T09:06:07.927Z 70 crafts/wars casualties/wars letters home/wars embroidered postcard sent by 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker, NZ Rifle Brigade, kia, Passchendaele 12.10.1917 “Somewhere in France 13/8/16 My dear Son, I got a letter from poor old Mum yesterday she said she was not well now you look after her you must look after till I come home again and when your old dad come home again I wont forget you dear son. I had letters from Aunty Lena and Kate & Ettie and one from your Grandmother that is in Wellington so you see I had mail yesterday that is the way we soldiers get our letters some times we go two or three weeks without getting any letters then se get a lot but sonie you never wrote your dad one time and I hope to get a line or two next time I get a letter from your dear old Mother. Now hear old sport I hope you get this post-card all right I am sending one to Mum too and I hope you get them all right now dear boy we are leaving this place I don’t know if we are going into the Trenches but I think I will soon be at it again I must tell you my foot is very weak I cant get along very well now and I think I will soon have to go to the Hospital again. Now dear Boy will say good bye god bless you and Mum son I remain your ever loving father. From Dad XXXX F.S.W.” embroidered postcard, 'To my dear Son', sent by 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker to his son during WW1, dated 13.8.1916 card surround with embossed pattern; dotted lines printed verso; embroidered silk insert with message: 'To my dear Son' and illustration of geraniums makers details: 'PARIS DEPOSE / CM / FABRICATION FRANCAISE'; postcard message handwritten in pencil "My dear Son" from 25/1840 FS Whitaker, dated 13/8/16 postcard, silk
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