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Predicate Object Unknown 2007-01-26T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T10:42:53.306Z 70 crafts/wars casualties/wars letters home/wars embroidered postcard sent by 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker, NZ Rifle Brigade, kia, Passchendaele 12.10.1917 “26.12.16 Somewhere in France My dear Son I had a letter from Mum yesterday & I was thinking I would have had a letter from you. I think you must have forgotten your old dad for it is sutch a long time since I had a letter from you. Aunt Ettie was telling me how well you are getting on at school so old man you got to the top of the class again. Well don old man. Now good bye Sonie & God bless you Mum & Alice. Hopeing that the next time I get a letter from Mum there is one from you. I remain your loving Father F.S.W. XXXXXXX XXXXXXX From France” embroidered postcard,'To my dear Little Boy' sent by 25/1840 Rifleman Frank Silk Whitaker to his son during WW1, dated 26.12.1916 card surround embossed with holly motifs; dotted lines printed verso; embroidered silk insert with message: 'To my dear little boy' and illustration of basket of pansies handwritten message verso in ink to "My dear Son", from FS Whitaker, dated 26/12/1916 postcard, silk
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