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Predicate Object 2010-11-10T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-21T20:48:54.419Z 25 Pattern 1907 bayonet & scabbard, for SMLE No 1 rifle [WW1 period] Quillon has long hook and see note from scrap of paper: this type of bayonet with long hook is rare. British Pattern 1907 bayonet for SMLE No 1 (with leather scabbard) maker: RSAF, Enfield Lock, England. 1908 bayonet with leather scabbard; hooked quillon [pre-1913] markings: serial number: 3458; view marks: [crown / E]; maker's name: EFD; model date: 1907; acceptance date: '08; X bend mark; and sold out of service marks; view marks: [?] / TS ? / E; X bend mark; broad arrow / EFD / 35; sold out of service marks museum number 6 painted on bayonet, knife/sword (and scabbard)
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