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Predicate Object 1929 1929-01-01T00:00:00.000Z 1929-12-31T00:00:00.000Z Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, W0827 2015-01-05T00:00:00.000Z 1 2017-09-20T05:21:58.756Z Firearms 55 German Hebel Model 1894 flare or signal pistol, WW1 Pistol collected by 24/202 Rifleman Knud Christian Jorgensen, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. Following his enlistment Knud Jorgensen of Auckland embarked for the front with 2nd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade (B Company) on 9 October 1915. Collections that he brought home included a shell (for the pistol) a road map of Lille, and a German belt and paybook. German Hebel Model 1894 flare or signal pistol, WW1 flare pistol; single smoothbore round barrel with octagonal breech; 26.5 mm calibre [1-1/16 inch bore]; under lever action; wooden grips held together with single screw at centre; lanyard ring at base markings: on left hand side of body: L.B.J. 1895 on underside of barrel locking block: 1895 German proof & view marks German issue mark five screw heads marked: 95 manufacturer not known; Germany; WW1 pistol, flare
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