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Predicate Object Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, 2015.x.103 2015-06-24T00:00:00.000Z 1 2018-12-19T21:34:39.700Z 55 naval warfare/wars Victory of the Nile 1798 Medal Also known as Battle of the Nile Medal (BHM) Made by Matthew Boulton, of the Soho Mint, Birmingham, to dies produced by C. H. Kuchler Admiral Nelson's victory against the French in the Battle of the Nile was celebrated in England and secured his reputation. The Nile medal was a privately issued by Nelson's prize agent Mr Alexander Davison to all British officers and men present at the battle which took place at Aboukir Bay on 1 August 1798. The medal was struck in gold, silver, bronze gilt and in bronze, and was apparently the first time a medal had been issued to every participant in a naval action. All of the medals have the name of the donor impressed on the edge, but were issued unnamed, but some hand names privately engraved. This medal in gilt bronze indicates that the recipient was a petty officer, and unusually is named on each side. On the obverse face is the name "William Haley" and on the reverse to "Hy Smith THESEUS", indicating the recipient served on the vessel Theseus. See Laurence Brown, British Historical medals 1760-1960, Volume 1, catalogue number 447, page 107 The Davison's Victory of the Nile Medal 1798 obverse: legend above: REAR-ADMIRAL LORD NELSON OF THE NILE; field has illustration of allegorical figure of Peace a standing on rocky shore with an anchor at her feet, she is holding oval medallion with a bust of Lord Nelson and legend: EUROPE'S HOPE AND BRITAIN'S GLORY reverse: view of British fleet going into action against the French fleet which lies at anchor in the Bay of Aboukir; legend above: ALMIGHTY GOD HAS BLESSED HIS MAJESTY'S ARMS, and in exergue: VICTORY OF THE NILE / AUGUST . 1 . 1798 MARKINGS: on edge: incuse legend: FROM ALEXR DAVISON, ESQR ST. JAMES' SQUARE = A TRIBUTE OF REGARD maker: Made by Matthew Boulton, of the Soho Mint, Birmingham, to dies produced by C. H. Kuchler medal, commemorative
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