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Predicate Object Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, N1459.1, 1996x2.403.2.2 2015-08-18T00:00:00.000Z 1 2018-02-08T07:52:56.889Z 65 veterans/wars wounded/wars New Zealand Returned Soldiers Association (NZRSA) badge, WW1 Badge issued to John Samuel Patterson, NZEF The New Zealand Returned Soldiers Association was formed in 1916, and later that year the Wellington firm, Mayer & Kean was commissioned to produce a badge for the association. It was worn on the right lapel. From 1918, the contract to produce the badges went to another Wellington badgemaker, C.M. Bay, and these badges are marked on the reverse with the letters CM. Despite minor modifications, the badge design remained much the same, until 1941 when the association name changed to the New Zealand Returned Services’ Association . For those men discharged back to New Zealand as ‘physically unfit for active service on account of illness or wounds. The badge provided evidence that the wearer had served and could not be accused of being a shirker, and was preferred to the government authorised red armband. Find out more at the following websites: New Zealand Returned Soldiers' Association (NZRSA) badge, WW1 Badge issued to13/938 John Samuel Patterson, NZEF silver badge obverse: marked with service number 13/938 fastening: brooch fastening and chain attached to crown markings: reverse: marked: RD 861 and SILVER badge, membership
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