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Predicate Object Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, 2015.x.506 2015-10-20T00:00:00.000Z 1 2019-02-19T01:43:58.384Z 50,_New_Zealand Dalmatian/communities training/wars Pre-printed postcard Dargaville Defence Rifle Club, WW1 The card, addressed to Rifleman John Totich, March 1915, instructs him to attend a parade for the purpose of an attack on the camp of the Legion of Frontiersmen. At the time the patron of the Dargaville Rifle Club was the Hon. J.G. Coates, M.P. The previous month the New Zealand Herald had reported: The Northern Wairoa squadron of the Legion of Frontiersmen, which is now 94 strong, is attaining a high standard of efficiency under the instruction of Mr. Blanc, who was formerly attached to the Imperial service. Technical lectures are well attended, and the Sunday mounted parades appeal strongly to all members. Last Sunday week 40 men, under Captain Hemphill, spent six hours at Awakino undergoing squadron and skirmishing drill. A large force of the Dargaville Defence Rifle Club, at the same time, also went through numerous evolutions. With the two mentioned bodies and the large companies of territorials and senior cadets a distinct enthusiasm in matters military is apparent." John B. Totich was a member of New Zealand's Dalmatian community, and at this time was the president of the district sub-branch of the London Slavonian Society. The following year when he gave evidence to the Aliens' Commission sitting at Dargaville Totich stated that hehad been a member of the Dargaville Rifle Club for seven years. Also that he had resided in the Dominion for 17 years, and was naturalised. Printed postcard Dargaville Defence Rifle Club, 1915, WW1 obverse: printed: INLAND POST-CARD / DARGAVILLE; addressed to "Rflmn J. Totich"; roller postmark: DARGAVILLE N.Z. / 31 MR--3-PM 1915 reverse: printed: coat of arms and initials E.R. / DARGAVILLE DEFENCE RIFLE CLUB / Attached to B Company, 15th N. A. Regiment / 31st March, 1915. [Addressed to] Rifleman [blank] You are hereby warned to attend a parade on Tuesday the 6th of April at 7 p.m. prompt for the purpose of executing a night attack on a Camp of the Legion of Frontiersmen. [signed] A.L. Hillier / Officer Commanding. postcard
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