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Predicate Object 1931.415 Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira,1931.415, W0522.1, W0522.2 2015-11-02T00:00:00.000Z 1 2020-12-16T20:38:58.784Z 60 patriotism/wars Souvenir card : Flag Presentation to Parents of Servicemen, Ashburton, New Zealand, 1915 (x2) In May 1915 at the Ashburton Queen Carnival Fete in support of the Belgian Relief Fund, approximately one hundred flags were presented by the Minister of Defence, Sir James Allen to the parents of' 'Ashburton County Contingenters' in a ceremony described as 'unique' with no precedent in New Zealand. The parents, or other next-of-kin, received a New Zealand Blue Ensign together with a flagpole and a printed souvenir card. The flags were provided by Mr FZD Ferriman, who had come up with the original idea. It was believed that making the event a public ceremony would be a stimulus for recruiting. The paper published a list of those who received flags together with the number of sons who were serving. An advertisement a week later advised that members of the Citizen's Defence Corps would help erect presentation flagpoles. Ashburton Guardian, 14 May, 1915, page 2. Flag Presentation to Parents of Servicemen, NZ 1915 (x2) F Ferriman collection descriptions: printed in red and blue white card; illustration of crossed flags (Union Jack and NZ Blue Ensign) lower left; inscriptions include mottoes and presentation text Inscription: motto of Lord Roberts at top: "Pray as if everything depended upon God / Act as if everything rested with yourself" inscription below flags: "Strong and yet kind, whist children near him play, But foes who touch the flag will rue the day." Presentation text: "Flag Presented to the Parents of… who is serving his King and Country at the Front, Ashburton, New Zealand, 1915. Flags to be hoisted on the following Days: King's Birthday June 3rd, Queen's Birthday May 26th, Prince of Wales Birthday June 23rd, Empire Day (Victoria Day) May 24th, and on all other Days of Public Rejoicing. Fly Flags from 8 a.m. to Sunset." card, souvenir (souvenir) (x2)
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