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Predicate Object Gift Donor 5 First came into museum 2 Feb 2011 (see Temporary Custory Receipt in Document References - External File). Accessioned in 2015. Reference to Annual Collecting Plan 2013: Contemporary adaptations and representative tourist art from across the Pacific. Representative material culture items especially from Tonga, Niue, Cooks, Samoa, French Polynesia, Hawai’i, Futuna and Rotuma. Brief statement outlining the object/s’ research value and alignment with the Research Strategy: This collection is aligned with the research programme priorities: • 6. History and development of cultures and ties into the area of research into the social history and development of communities within our society through material culture and • 7. Significance and meaning of collections associated with human history and ties into the area of explore the meaning of objects to their source communities and in a wider context.
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