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Predicate Object 29 Oct 1965 1965-10-29T00:00:00.000Z 1965-10-29T00:00:00.000Z presented by Mr G. Gifford, collection Auckland War Memorial Museum, T1061, ocm1422, ocm1423, ocm1424. 1996-11-11T00:00:00.000Z 1 2021-06-30T20:03:55.381Z 70 Structure/Planning: motifs placed symmetrically around vertical axis Stylistic information: very similar to T1056 (stitched by Emily Jane Weston) and donated in 1937 by Emma Jane Weston's husband, stating that it is Emma's work. This obviously is incorrect - not only is E Bowen the stitcher, it's unlikely that she was a member of the Weston family (she wouldn't knowingly spell her own name incorrectly). Which leaves questions: E Bowen's sampler uses identical fabric, thread colours and many identical motifs to those used by Emily Jane Weston, who includes "With a sister's love". Is this a gift for the soon-to-depart Emma? Did Emily Jane Weston and E Bowen stitch their works together? Did Mr Gifford, in 1937 (and presumably after his wife's death), have any degree of certainty about the provenance of these works? Stylistically, all 4 "Weston" samplers (T737 and T1062, T1056 and T1061) have been sourced from the same pattern book, which showed the influence of Berlin woolwork from Germany, fashionable in Victorian times. migration needlework/crafts one of five pieces of embroidery executed by Mrs. Gifford (nee Emma Jane Weston) when a child and brought to New Zealand in 1884 Sampler made by E Bowen for Emma Jane Weston colours are green, blues, oranges, golds, copper, tans; motifs of 2 identical crosses, large urn of flowers, roses and buds, floral wreath (symmetrical on diagonal axis); around crosses verse "CLING NOT TO EARTH"; details in signature show "FROM E BOWEN TO E WESTEN" sampler, embroidery
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