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Predicate Object 1998 1998-01-01T00:00:00.000Z 1998-12-31T00:00:00.000Z 1998.81.280 Collection of Auckland Museum, Tamaki Paenga Hira,1998.81.280 2017-03-09T00:00:00.000Z 1 2021-06-30T19:51:08.215Z 35 "Charisma", wooden carousel horse horse: constructed from planks of wood joined together and carved into horse shape, crudely repainted in white enamel with grey and black spots, black hooves, carved mane, ears and muzzle, yellow saddle and black bridle painted on, saddle has black border and black writing with white highlight, written on one side of saddle: EX:-AN ENGLISH FUN PARK (CIRCA 1870) "VICTORIAN" / CAROUSEL HORSE / EX:- FREEMANS BAY, AUCKLAND / EX:- LUNA PARK, SYDNEY / EX:- A HOBART / DUNGEON has red, yellow, and black decorative saddle blanket and chest-piece painted on, studded with pressed-brass star/rosette/heart shapes; has red, white, and blue ribbon rosette either side of bridle by ears, each with brass star-shaped stud in centre; has round glass eyes with black centre; tail is pale grey/brown, large hank of wavy hair poked and possibly glued into hole drilled into centre rump; horse is suspended from carousel by two heavy steel rods bent into horse-shoe shapes and bolted through body of horse at shoulder and hip; has four sets of large hexagonal nut/washer/square metal plate, one at each contact point to keep supports in place; metal ring of same gauge rod is welded to the top of each support - all painted recently with aluminium paint; black-painted steel bracket is bolted to underside of horse behind front legs, creating two L-shaped footrests; horse has been repainted many time and shows signs of paint cracking and thick paint build-up in places; some cracks to wood; has 2 silver-coloured "eye" hooks under belly to hang sign collar: around neck of horse, dark brown heavy leather, tapered ends joined by fine copper wire - threaded through small holes and twisted together, three holes and four holes side-by-side, punched at either end of strip; front (under chin) has large brass ring with round, plain brass medal attached by hinge;, held onto collar by extra patch of leather stitched on; small square brass-buckle on strip of leather hangs from collar at back, behind large ring reins: strip of brown leather, dressed on one side, has a round steel ring at each end held in place by folded leather and a single rivet, short length of grey steel wire, looped at each end and around the rings, forms the bit to go in the horse's mouth horse, carousel
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