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Predicate Object 22 Apr 2002 2002-04-22T00:00:00.000Z 2002-04-22T00:00:00.000Z 2002.46.1 Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, 2002.46.1 2002-04-22T00:00:00.000Z 1 2021-06-02T21:11:08.594Z Carried Away 45 Bishop made hand decorated shopping bags that accompanied the sale of garments. The hand-made approach came about because printed bags were expensive to produce in the volume required. Leading Bishop and Sheridan to decide to “create a more personal experience and broke out the craft supplies.” Initially the designs were drawn on ultra cheap brown paper supermarket bags and based upon the FELINE cat’s head logo. However, as time went by Bishop’s low threshold for repetition and overactive imagination resulted in an ever-evolving stream of styles which were closely connected to the themes of the ranges we were retailing. The bespoke bags were hugely popular, and many customers collected them in earnest. Success in business and the rise of computer graphics meant the end of the line for the individually decorated bag and after a few years Bishop moved to machine printed bags. Based on Bishop’s recollection, this bag was made in 1991/2 and coloured using alcohol-based marker pens on the more “luxurious” white paper carry bags. Bishop applied a wide range of media including paint, markers, glitter, fabric scraps, and sequins. The cat in the bandanna was our first mascot called Lucky and the woman appeared in many guises but her main role was as a member of the FELINE fashion police and her look was based upon the cartoon women characters of The Ren And Stimpy shows. The FELINE brand grew out of a clothing stall in Auckland Cook Street Market run by a collective of Auckland Technical Institute (now AUT) fashion students in the 1980s. Two of the students were Andrew Charles Bishop and Tanya Sheridan. When Cook St closed to make way for Aotea Centre, the two of them operated market stalls under the FELINE label. The first FELINE store open on May 1987 when Les Harvey, creator of Parnell Village, offered them a space on Wyndham Walkway, which connected Wyndham St and Durham Lane. Later, the store would move to High Street. Over the years, FELINE style evolved into high fashion street style for women and men. - Email correspondence with Andrew Bishop shopping bag paper shopping bag with twisted paper handles; design of a woman in a red leotard with a white shirt/jacket over top, red and white bracelets, wearing a red helmet that has cat ears on the top and the letter "F" on the side in a yellow circle, woman has one eye closed and middle finger raised, with other hand on her hip; design is inset in bold yellow text below: FELINE; design is felt tip pen with white pencil highlight; reverse of bag has black "AUSTRALIAN MADE" logo and text with re-order details below; hand-drawn and coloured for FELINE, retailer. bag, shopping
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