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Predicate Object 1936 1936-01-01T00:00:00.000Z 1936-12-31T00:00:00.000Z 1936.295 Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, 1936.295, 24139.2; Z54 (b) Kiribati 2002-06-24T00:00:00.000Z 1 2021-03-03T23:46:08.560Z Pacific Collection Access Project Kiribati 35 Fibrework/- PACIFIC SUBJECTS - Women/- PACIFIC SUBJECTS - Te kora. A sample of te kora (coconut sennit cordage). This sample of kora (coconut sennit) is twined in 2-ply. It is light in weight, highly textured and is light brown in colour. This kora is wound into a small reel. Kora is made from the processed out husk fibre of moimoto (young, green coconuts). The process to prepare kora begins with splitting away the coconut husk into four to five long pieces, submerging them in salt water for several weeks, wringing and beating the fibres then rolling strands in small bunches to make rolled pieces called binoka. The binoka are then overlapped and rolled together to create lengths of kora (cord). The entire process is usually the work of I-Kiribati women to undertake. Te kora
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