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Predicate Object 1940 1940-01-01T00:00:00.000Z 1940-12-31T00:00:00.000Z 1940.3 Collection of Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira, 1940.3, 25221 Kiribati 2002-07-16T00:00:00.000Z 1 2021-03-04T00:15:36.819Z Kiribati Pacific Collection Access Project 35 Adornment/- PACIFIC SUBJECTS - Te mwae. Neck ornament. This is a neck ornament made from four kokoti (coffee shell; melampus luteus) and small yellow univalve shells. The small yellow univalve shells are similar in colour, shape and size. Fine perforations have been drilled into the bulbous part of their shell for threading off-white string through to form the neck band. Te kokoti has been threaded in two pairs, one at each end of te mwae. Te kokoti are off-white in colour and larger than the small yellow univalve shells. They feature short spires and some dried white residues over their sides. This neck ornament is short in length and has been left unfastened. Te mwae
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