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Predicate Object 2014-01-09T20:07:37.000Z 2020-12-08T07:35:39.880Z 2 outsized boxes (18 items) Purchased from Peter Webb Auctions. 10 False Item 1 -- Scrapbook (46cm) of newspaper clippings about Batten's flights, compiled by her family, 1934 - 1935. Item 2 -- Photograph (13 x 8 cm) 1933 in card sleeve signed by Batten, taken at Bognor Regis, [England]. Item 3 -- Three photocopied pages from the autographed copy (to dad) of Batten's book 'Solo Flight', 1934. Item 4 -- Photograph (13 x 9 cm) of John Batten (as a small child). Item 5 -- Photograph (20 x 15 cm) showing Batten with a group of friends at the beach. Item 6 -- Telegram to 'Batten dentist Auckland' from Mum and Jean. Item 7 -- Member's ticket, Auckland Aero Club, Jean Batten arrival, Mangere Aerodrome, October, 1936, in envelope addressed to F.H. Batten. Item 8 -- Photograph (24 x 19 cm) of John Batten. Item 9 -- Photograph (14 x 9 cm) of F.H. Batten (in military uniform) - Schmidt photograph. Item 10 -- Three studio photographic portraits (19 x 14 cm) of Batten (Schmidt), one signed 'Yours truly, Jean Batten'. Item 11 - Invitation card from Messrs, Marshall and Snelgrove to meet Jean Batten. Item 12 -- Envelope, greetings telegram, addressed to Jean Batten, Royal Aero Club. Item 13 -- Weekly News photograph (17 x 12 cm) of Jean Batten performing kick off, Auckland v. Taranaki football match, 17 September 1934. Item 14 -- Souvenir of first Concorde flight to New Zealand, October, 1981, signed by Batten. Item 15 -- Copy of 'The Liveryman', December, 1937, containing an address by Jean Batten delivered to those attending the luncheon at the Merchant Taylors' Hall, following her record flight from Australia to Britain. Item 16 -- Extract from the 'New Zealand Herald', October, 1966, to commemorate the historic flight of 30 years previous. Item 17 -- Ticket, 'Salute the Soldier' Week, address from Jean Batten, 9 June 1944. Item 18 -- News clippings scrapbook (photocopy) largely covering 1935 - 1938. (337 single-sided A3 pages) Jean Batten was baptised Jane Gardner Batten, but preferred to be called 'Jean'. She made a series of record-breaking solo flights between 1934 and 1938. She died in Majorca in 1982. Scapbook possibly created by Jean's father Fred Batten. Acquisition notes state that the scrapbook that was purchased was compiled by her family, 1934 - 1935. An article in the 'New Zealand Observer', dated 22 October 1936, entitled 'Some Pages From Father's Scrapbook' mentions that 'On [Mr Batten's] bureau-top rests a tremendous scrapbook, a foot wide and about eighteen inches, bulging with clippings ... Frontispiece of the book is a yellow Herald poster announcing her safe arrival in South America'. The scrapbook in this collection does have a yellow Herald poster at the front and matches those approximate dimensions. Scrapbooks and photographs relating to aviatrix Jean Batten Scrapbooks and photographs relating to aviatrix Jean Batten, 1933 - 1990. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS-2008/39. Press cuttings (photocopies) Photographs (Monochrome) Press cuttings Periodical Printed Ephemera Scrapbooks and photographs relating to aviatrix Jean Batten
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