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Predicate Object 2017-12-11T22:03:22.000Z World War 2 World War II 2020-12-16T03:40:51.223Z 698 mm. x 476 mm. x 29 mm (frame) 337 mm. x 547 mm (sight) 10 From auction catalogue: This work was made during the 17 years that Robin White and her family spent living on Tarawa, Kiribati, a remote atoll in the central Pacific. The work references an incident in WWII when Japanese soldiers were trapped and burnt in an American offensive at Betio, Tarawa. Screen print Falling star over Betio, Tarawa Falling star over Betio, Tarawa,PD-2017-6 Ink on paper Falling star over Betio, Tarawa
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