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Predicate Object 2017-07-11T04:21:18.000Z 2020-12-16T13:38:58.262Z 79 mm. X 114 mm. 30 C Box 1 Original negative. Inscription on negative, 14, 495. Inscription on glassine envelope, 14,495-6. Rocks at Hikurangi. 1931. Una Garlick. The limestone formation is now part of the Historic Waro Limestone Scenic Reserve. The settlement of Waro (coal) formed part of the Hikurangi Coalfields, which was actively mined until the 1950s. Garlick, Una (Eunice Harriett), 1883-1951 A tramline runs through the foreground Negative [Waro limestone rock formation - Hikurangi] [Waro limestone rock formation - Hikurangi],Garlick, Una (Eunice Harriett), 1883-1951,1931,PH-1955-1-14495 A tramline runs through the foreground [Waro limestone rock formation - Hikurangi]
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