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Predicate Object 2018-11-09T01:45:26.000Z Craters 2020-12-17T01:11:10.699Z 83 mm x 83 mm (support) 56 mm x 59 mm (image) 25 C BOX 12 Handwritten in pencil on bottom edge of recto "Searle", handwritten in pencil on right edge of recto "[illegible]" Handwritten in pencil on sticker on bottom right corner of verso "PA" Handwritten in black ink on recto, below image "Bouillaud, Ptolomy, Copernicus" Wragge, Clement Lindley, 1852-1922, photographer The Moon's surface, with lunar craters. Positive lantern slide [Moon's surface, Bouillard, Ptolomy, Copernicus] [Moon's surface, Bouillard, Ptolomy, Copernicus],Wragge, Clement Lindley, 1852-1922, photographer,1870s-1900s,PH-1984-1-LS78-2-80 The Moon's surface, with lunar craters. [Moon's surface, Bouillard, Ptolomy, Copernicus]
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