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Predicate Object Corticolous on cyclone-damaged Kermadec ngaio (Myoporum rapense subsp. kermadecense) branches in ngaio petrel scrub on tyhe northern face of the southern island summit. Seen once only on Kermadec ngaio branches just above Kermadec petrel nests on makatea. TLC Chemistry: Trace Usnic, Boninic and other acids present - D.J. Blanchon notes 12 December 2011. New record for the Kermadec Islands. MAP REFERENCE: NZMS Kermadec Island Topo25 143627 New Zealand, Kermadec Ecological Region and District, Kermadec Islands Nature Reserve, Northern Kermadec Islands Group, Herald Islets, The Chanters, North Chanter (South Summit) 15 56m c. -29.2507777777778 -177.855111111111 56m -29.2507777777778 -177.855111111111
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