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Predicate Object Steep rock wall with base of rocks and boulders from about 20m. From 8m depth mostly rock barrens, with dense Sargassum shallower. The two sea urchins that were very abundant were Tripneustes gratilla and Heliocidaris tuberculata. Sargassum: fertile. Voucher for dna sequencing by Wendy Nelson. K-2013-18. Specimen in two parts AK 347271A and AK 347271B New Zealand, Kermadec Islands, L'Havre Rock (submerged, doubt the rock is ever emergent), c.8 km NNW of L'Esperance Rock 15 -5m -6m WGS84 -31.2933888888889 ± 20 km -178.908972222222 ± 20 km -6m -5m -31.2933888888889 -178.908972222222
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